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Assembly of Confessing Congregations Pathways

for Theological Education and Ministry Training

Among the decisions made at the ACC AGM in September 2018 was the following:

encourage the ACC School of Faith to negotiate with like-minded evangelical theological and bible colleges in order to develop an alternative pathway for the teaching and training of candidates for ministry, ministry leaders and ministers.

The School of Faith has explored possible pathways for theological education and ministry training of ACC people and recommends the following colleges with whom we have had preliminary discussions. The faith-statements of these colleges are consistent with the faith of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, as that faith is expressed in the Basis of Union.


For a PDF of the ACC  Pathways click here

For Shorter PDF summary click here

Bible College of South Australia

BCSA offers the academic awards of the Australian College of Theology, Australia’s oldest and largest provider of theological education.

Undergraduate and graduate courses are built around a core of classes in Bible, theology and ministry. Students can choose from a range of subjects including biblical Hebrew and Greek, Old Testament and New Testament overview and exegesis, Systematic Theology, Church History, Preaching, Evangelism, and more.

Primary offerings at the undergraduate and graduate levels are:

For graduates who have already completed a first theological training—including those now working in vocational Christian ministry—several postgraduate options are offered for continuing study.

Master of Arts in Theology or Ministry is delivered in intensive, or ‘punctuated intensive’ mode by leading scholars and practitioners from around the world. Units change from year to year. Current offerings can be seen on the BCSA website.

To find out more about studying at Bible College SA, contact the Registrar anytime at

Bible College South Australia.jpg
Bible College South Australia

(Adelaide, Perth, Online).

Tabor is a Higher Education provider with particular expertise in the education and formation of community professionals such as pastors, teachers, counsellors, youth workers, musicians, creative communicators and intercultural workers.

Tabor is a multidenominational College which upholds Christian orthodoxy as expressed in the Nicene Creed. They value and respect the vitality of Pentecostal and Charismatic expressions of faith, the biblical focus of Evangelical Christians and the distilled learning of the wider Church.

Tabor offers the following courses relating to ministry both face to face and online

Master of Divinity

This is a preferred option for those who already hold a degree in an unrelated field. The Baptist Churches of SA recommend that their candidates complete a BMin or a MDiv.

Bachelor of Theology:  

The primary goal is to develop graduates who are creative theological thinkers, and nurture in them an ability to draw critically on the biblical witness and traditions of the church.   Available fully online, fully on campus in Adelaide, and a blend of online and on campus in Perth.

Bachelor of Ministry:

Holistically prepares students for vocational and professional roles which bring glory to God through Christian work, in both word and deed. It is available fully online, fully on campus in Adelaide, and a blend of online and on campus in Perth.

Diploma in Theology:

The primary goal of is to develop graduates who have a deeper appreciation of the Christian Scriptures, faith and story and a greater ability to connect these with life in 21st century Australia.    You can study on-campus, online or a mix of both.

Certificate IV in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy: 

Provides skills and knowledge for person-centred approaches to caring for vulnerable people. Practical subjects equip students to provide ongoing ethical, moral and spiritual support to clients.  You can study this course via Blended Learning or Online. This qualification is nationally recognised.

Other Ministry and Theology Courses

Graduate Certificate in Divinity

Graduate Diploma in Divinity

Master of Divinity[AC1] 

Graduate Diploma in Ministry

Master of Ministry

The Bachelor of Ministry or Master of Divinity at Tabor would be excellent courses for those looking to become a pastor of Confessing Congregations.  Because it is available online it is suitable nationally.  The Bachelor of Theology plus the Diploma in Theology would also be possible courses for this. The Certificate IV in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy would be helpful for ACC members wanting to develop pastoral care in their congregations [AC2] or to explore chaplaincy.   The Master of Ministry is recommended for ACC ministers for their continuing education. 

There may be the possibility in the future of an integrated subject with Tabor and the ACC, focussing on the Basis of Union and the key elements of the movement. This could be studied for credit towards one of Tabor’s degrees and may be recognised by other Australian Higher Education providers.

Website:                      Email:     Phone: (08) 8373 8777


Kingsley College

Developing and equipping people to shape their world

Kingsley Australia is the ministry training institution of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia.  Through the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Kingsley Australia facilitates the development and equipping of Christians to become empowered and passionate in their ministry to shape their world. Kingsley Community study is suited to provide quality training for lay people, and those commencing study towards ordination


Kingsley College delivers training under the auspices of Unity College Australia [RTO 6330, CRICOS Code 02160A].  The college offers the following nationally accredited courses:


10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology *

10743NAT Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology *

10744NAT Advanced Diploma IV in Christian Ministry and Theology *

10745NAT Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology *


Kingsley Community is a local church-based training program that is designed to equip people to serve in and through their local church to have an impact on their community and the world. Classes are delivered in local churches and regional centres throughout Australia.  The courses are structured to be offered for Distant Education as well. 


Lay leaders may be interested to begin with 10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.*  It is designed for those who wish to be better equipped to serve in the various ministries in their church and community. 

The 10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology* consists of 9 Units of Competencies (6 Cores and 3 Electives). 

Core subjects are:

  • Church History Survey, or Biblical Interpretation, or Wesleyan Theology

  • Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Introduction to the New Testament

  • Basic Christian Beliefs

  • Spiritual Formation, or Wesleyan History

  • Introduction to Preaching, or Communicating Your Faith


Elective subjects are:

  • Introduction to Christian Leadership

  • Wesleyan Leadership

  • Worship Ministry, or Youth Ministry, or Children Ministry


1 year full-time, or part time and complete the certificate over a longer period.


[Full time students qualify to apply for Austudy and Youth allowance]

Contact for more information:  Melbourne: (03) 9357 3699           Mobile: 0423 127 199           

Email:   Brisbane: 0429 354 989  Email:         


Confessing Lay Preachers for ACC

Those wishing to become accredited as Confessing Lay Preachers for ACC congregations can do their primary training through Kingsley Australia.  They need to complete the following units:

  • Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Introduction to the New Testament

  • Basic Christian Beliefs

  • Introduction to Preaching

  • Worship

  • Wesleyan Leadership which includes study on the Basis of Union

Those finishing the above units may like to continue on to complete the Certificate IV and then the Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

* Kingsley College delivers training under the auspices of Unity College Australia.  RTO 6330

Website:                         Email:

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Unity College Australia logo[1].jpg

Moore Theological College

Moore Theological College King Street, Newtown, NSW

Full course details and costs:


Sydney Missionary and Bible College


SMBC offers a wide range of courses – from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctorates. There is flexibility to study full-time or part-time via weekly lectures (day or evening) or intensive mode (a blend of classroom and online).

Strengths of the college are reflected in the SMBC Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission and the SMBC Centre for Preaching & Pastoral Ministry.

Study at SMBC will take you:


SMBC’s academic curriculum is founded on, and saturated in, the Bible - the inspired word of God. Study at SMBC will give you a deep and systematic understanding of the Bible, its theology and its application to all aspects of life.


SMBC is interdenominational – lecturers, staff and students represent various denominational allegiances. There is mutual respect and understanding for differing viewpoints, however the College is strongly Evangelical, with the teaching faculty united in their commitment to those matters which are of ‘first importance’ and form the heart of the gospel message. This, along with our international ‘flavour’, provides a diverse and healthy environment to study in.


Cross-cultural mission is the very DNA of SMBC. With three missiologists on staff, weekly visiting missionaries, a missionary mentoring programme, the SMBC Biennial Missions Conference, plus a broad range of missions units, SMBC excels in preparing its students for ministry across all kinds of cultural boundaries.



It is a priority of SMBC that in addition to gaining a deep knowledge of the Bible, our students continue to grow in holiness, with lives marked by prayer, love, humility and obedience to God. Time spent in the College community and being mentored by lecturers will help strengthen your Christian character and draw you closer into relationship with Jesus and his people.

SMBC is accredited by the Australian College of Theology. Learn more at


“For the sake of his holy name”


Rhema Bible Training College 

School of Faith is also having conversations with Rhema Bible Training College, Brisbane, to look at ways at encouraging, training and equipping all the members in a local congregation so that the whole church is built up and better able to fulfil its mission into the world.  

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