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Rev Ted Curnow

16th April 2015

At our church we really like to have children and families coming together. When we come together to worship, God speaks to adults and children in many different ways, not just through the words we understand. In fact if God only spoke through words we understood many of us would be wasting our time in worship. God’s presence is experienced in different ways so it is important for children, even babies in bassinets to be exposed to the worship environment not because they understand but because they are able to sense and feel.

Professor Pat Noller

4th October 2013

Book Review of All-In2night by Lynne Burgess

Published by Even Before Publishing/Wombat books. 140 pages

This volume is a sequel to this author’s earlier publication  All-In Night, in which Lynne Burgess promotes a regular night each week where the whole family stays home and participates in a special activity with a treat (usually a dessert) to follow.  The book is based on a concept that the author has actually put into practice with her own family of five children. In the dedication, Lynne Burgess writes that the “book is for parents who want their children to experience a relationship with Jesus so they can live a bold and victorious life, no matter what the circumstances”.

School Chaplaincy in Queensland State Schools: A Case Study

Dr David Pohlmann

PHD Thesis 

Griffith University

Faculty of Education

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