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Zoom Prayer times will be occurring on  most days of the Sacred Season.  People can join in by phone or internet. 


Throughout the Sacred Season there will be zoom prayer meetings on most days. Some of these will be led by Assembly of Confessing Congregations (ACC)  state groups as well as Uniting Prayer and Fasting.  Please let us know if you and your ACC members  would like to attend any of these and we will contact you with information and links.  


It is necessary to be either an ACC (Assembly of Confessing Congregations) member, Uniting Prayer and Fasting (UPF) member or a member of a partner group or individual  that agrees with our aims to be part of the zoom groups.   You can join one of the state meetings even if you aren’t in that state if you can’t take part in  your own state meeting or your state doesn’t have one.

These Zoom Prayer Groups will be praying for

a)  The protection of marriage within the UCA to be between a man and a woman exclusively

b) Repentance and praying for the UCA to rise up to be who she was called to be from her foundation

c) Prayers for ACC, UPF and partner delegates of the upcoming Assembly

Some of them will be using the devotions set for the Sacred Season and some will be more spontaneous. 

You can attend these Prayer Zoom meetings either by your phone or on the internet.    


The meetings finalised so far 


Sundays: 3 pm EST   ACC National Holy Communion by Zoom  (prepare your own  elements at home before zoom and we will share together). 


Mondays:  8:10 a.m. EST   ACC Tasmania Prayer Zoom Group.

Mondays:  8:00 am.  Western Australia time  


Tuesdays:  9:00 am.    SA time       ACC South Australia Prayer Zoom Group

Wednesdays:  8:00 am. EST    ACC National Prayer Zoom Group

Thursdays:  9:30 am. EST  Uniting Prayer and Fasting (Prayers for Congress) Prayer   Zoom Group

Saturday:  3:00 pm  EST ACC NSW Prayer Zoom Group


Please let us know if you are interested in these groups and we will give you details.


Liturgy for each Day for Zoom Prayer Times


Day 1: Tuesday 5th June

Day 2: Wednesday 6th June

Day 3: Thursday 7th June

Day 4:  Friday 8th June

Day 5:  Saturday 9th June

Day 6:  Sunday 10th June

             Sun 10th Communion

Day 7:  Monday 11th June

Day 8:  Tuesday 12th June

Day 9:  Wednesday 13th June

Day 10: Thursday 14th June

Day 11: Friday 15th June

Day 12: Saturday 16th June

Day 13: Sunday 17th June

              Sun 17th Communion

Day 14: Monday 18th June

Day 15: Tuesday 19th June

Day 16: Wednesday 20th June

Day 17: Thursday 21st June

Day 18: Friday 22nd June

Day 19: Saturday 23rd June

Day 20: Sunday 24th June

              Sun 24th Communion

Day 21: Monday 25th June

Day 22: Tuesday 26th June

Day 23: Wednesday 27th June

Day 24: Thursday 28th June

Day 25: Friday 29th June

Day 26: Saturday 30th June

Day 27: Sunday 1st July

               Sun 1st Communion

Day 28: Monday 2nd July

Day 29: Tuesday 3rd July

Day 30: Wednesday 4th July

Day 31: Thursday 5th July

Day 32: Friday 6th July

Day 33: Saturday 7th July

Day 34: Sunday 8th July

               Sun 8th Communion

Day 35: Monday 9th July

Day 36: Tuesday 10th July

Day 37: Wednesday 11th July

Day 38: Thursday 12th July

Day 39: Friday 13th July

Day 40: Saturday 14th July

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