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David Pohlmann became a Christian as a teenager, beginning ministry with children and young people at a very early age.  He was a Methodist who was a young leader at the time of Church Union.  He trained as a teacher in the 70’s, was accredited as a UCA lay preacher in the 80’s, was a school chaplain in the 90s (5 different schools), was ordained in a pentecostal denomination and lectured at Christian Higher Ed Colleges and Public Universities in the 00s.  After several years away from the Uniting Church he returned and joined the UCA pastorate in the 10s.  As well as his initial teacher training, David has post-graduate qualifications in human behaviour, ministry, education, and chaplaincy. He is the author of a couple of text-books, and several Christian operettas. His PhD thesis was titled: “School Chaplaincy in Queensland State Schools: A Case Study”  He is currently the minister in placement at Mt Louisa House of Praise in Townsville.

Dr David John Pohlmann

January 2010

PHD Thesis through Griffith University, 

Faculty of Education

Dr David Pohlmann

Paraphrases of the Psalms.

Helpful for personal and corporate prayers and worship

Dr David Pohlmann

A biblical view of sex and marriage

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