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National Chair and Spokesperson for ACC


I was born in Tonga 1970, came to Australia in 1977. I enjoy playing the guitar and watching Rugby Union, particuarly Australia vs. NZ.
Current placement: Minister of the Word - Mooloolaba Uniting Church, Sunshine Coast Qld. 


Member UCA National Assembly 2006, 2009 & 2015.

Member of the 19th World Methodist Conference 2006, South Korea.

Previous placements:  Bowen Uniting Church, North Qld. 2001-2004; Emmanuel Uniting Church, Cairns, 2005 - 2012, KIngaroy UCA (supply 2013 - 6 months) and is presently the minister at Mooloolaba Uniting Church.

Rev Dr Hedley Fihaki

Paragraph 4 of the Constitution of the Uniting Church reminds us that the purpose of the church is to be ‘obedient’ to the Holy Spirit so that it truly participates in the mission dei and not simply follow the will of ‘men’. 

Hedley Fihaki Doctoral Thesis for DMin 2008

  • Charles Sturt University 2008​​

  • "This thesis takes up the question of the nature and practice of missionary engagement with the world, from the foundation of a Trinitiarian theology, centred on the cross of Christ. In doing so, it offers a critique of a growing popular form of Christian mission - embodied in 'the seeker church model' - and offers an alternative form of Christian life and mission - embodied in a local congregation (Cairns Emmanual Uniting Church in Australia - a Confessing Congregation)."

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