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Katy Faust @ Assembly of Confessing Congregations within UCA National Conference, 12th Sept, 2017.

Marriage - the Profound Mystery

7 Video bible studies on marriage. Prepared by the Discipleship and Evangelism commission of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations. 

Dr David Pohlmann

A brief overview of likely legal implications if same sex marriage is legalised in Australia

Dr David Pohlmann

A biblical view of sex and marriage

Assembly of Confessing Congregations November 2016

Welcome addition to the wider church discussion in Australia on marriage.

Rev Dr Max Champion

Published in the April 2012 edition of ACCatalyst

Until recently considered to be a relic of a bygone age, and an escape from a robust secular faith, the resurgence of Gnostic spirituality within and beyond the churches is remarkable. Bookshops testify to this explosion of interest. Churches create ‘sacred spaces’ in which to meditate. The simultaneous collapse of Christianity and modernity – which had competed with, and complemented, each other in shaping Western patterns of reality – has led to interest in older spiritual resources found deep within the self.

Rev Stephen Hale

 Posted August 16, 2017  


Link to St Hilary's Network


Lead Minister of the St Hilary’s Network, Stephen Hale,  has issued this pastoral statement to assist members of their community as they each participate in the same sex marriage postal survey.

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Why History, Society and Religion Regard Marriage as Heterosexual: John Dickson



Link to  Hope 103.2 website and short article by  Stephen O'Doherty on his conversation with John Dickson on marriage.   It also includes a sound link to listen to the conversation. 


"Ancient history tells us that while same sex relationships have been evident in many civilisations, including Greek and Roman cultures, there was never a question of calling such relationships marriage".

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