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Rev Dr Rob Brennan is an industrial physicist and  theologian with an interest in the relationship of science and theology.  He has served over 20years as an ordained minister with the Uniting Church in Australia with active involvement in church leadership. He is currently training Indigenous Church leaders across Australia at the ecumenical Wontulp-Bi-Buya College.

His PhD addresses one of the major issues at the interface between Theology and Science, the nature of divine agency. He has published a number of academic articles in both professions. This includes ìHas a frog human a soul? ñ Huxley, Tertullian, Physicalism and the soul some historical antecedents.î with the Scottish Journal of Theology and  ìRe-examining  the  Significance  of  the  Relationship  Between  Tertullian  and  Augustine  for  the Dialogue Between Theology and Scienceî in Theology and Science he has published His first book Describing the Hand of God was published in 2015. 


He is passionate about systematic and practical theology and the history of the church and the interaction between Theology and Science. My goal in teaching is about equipping people with the tools to enable them to engage effectively in ministry and the leadership of others. They need to be able to understand, apply and theologically reflect on the bible and life with Christ with the life and activity of their family and church in the midst of messy reality and in relation to the society in which they find themselves placed.

I would hope to encourage people to develop an infectious love of learning and the application of the knowledge of the bible, the rich traditions of theological thought and other academic knowledge to a rich creativity in mission, evangelism, apologetics and practical care. This so that the people they will lead will be the faithful ones who will also pass this on to others.

Rev Dr Rob Brennan

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