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Paragraph 17  Basis of Union


The Uniting Church acknowledges that the demand of the Gospel, the response of the Church to the Gospel, and the discipline which it requires are partly expressed in the formulation by the Church of its law. The aim of such law is to confess God’s will for the life of the Church; but since law is received by human beings and framed by them, it is always subject to revision in order that it may better serve the Gospel. The Uniting Church will keep its law under constant review so that its life may increasingly be directed to the service of God and humanity, and its worship to a true and faithful setting forth of, and response to, the Gospel of Christ. The law of the Church will speak of the free obedience of the children of God, and will look to the final reconciliation of humanity under God’s sovereign grace.


Rev Dr Hedley Fihaki

Paragraph 4 of the Constitution of the Uniting Church reminds us that the purpose of the church is to be ‘obedient’ to the Holy Spirit so that it truly participates in the mission dei and not simply follow the will of ‘men’. 

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