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The word "prayer muster" was first used in 2008 when we had a day of prayer before the Assembly of Confessing Congregations Annual Meeting in Adelaide.  It was at this prayer time that the vision and name of the Sacred Season of Prayer  and Fasting was given from the Lord and then approved in the ACC meeting in the following couple of days.  The first Sacred Season occurred in 2009 in the lead up to and during the Uniting Church Assembly. 

Now its ten years later and we are in the midst of another Sacred Season of prayer and fasting.  I had a vision of our Lord Jesus Christ on a horse mustering the lone sheep intercessors from all over the country and gathering us together in unity to pray at this time for the UCA.  I found this video of Farmer Dave.  As you watch the video imagine that is the Lord who is riding the horse and calling us to gather and be one. Then to go where he wants us to go.  Perhaps you too are being called to be part of the muster.  If you watch till the end Farmer Dave even goes out for the straggly ones at the end of the day.  

I saw a map of Australia and the ACC and Uniting Prayer and Fasting congregational prayer groups and others from other churches all uniting as one even as we prayed right where we were.  

If you are in a prayer group and would like to dedicate a day between 5th June - 14th July 2018 to pray for: the protection of marriage between a man and a woman alone in the Uniting Church of Australia;  for repentance in Jesus' name; and that the Uniting Church would rise up to become whom the Lord Jesus Christ originally called her to be for His glory please contact us to be added to the Sacred Season Prayer Muster.  

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