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Dr David Pohlmann

Paraphrases of the Psalms suitable for individual or corporate prayers and worship

Rev Anne Hibbard

Published in Catalyst 2006


Encouragement for the Psalms to be our primary worship and song book

Confessing Christ from the Basis of Union

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Rev Rod James

The following confession of faith is commended to congregations as an expression of the faith which we hold as a Uniting Church congregation in the fellowship of the church universal.

Rev Rod James

False worship narrows our perspective down to one myopic focus—it’s all about me. Such

worship is nothing more than a religious expression of the spirit of our age which

strengthens our prejudices rather than breaking them down.

By contrast true worship opens believers to the whole vista of God’s glory—His holiness,

goodness and mercy, and the whole spectre of His action: His creation, providence and

redemption of each of us, of His church, of the nations, and of His whole creation

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