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Shirley James

The camp is held every two years and is facilitated by the SA ACC State Movement. Founder, (the late) Rev. Don Purdey had a vision for a high quality camp to help emerging young leaders connect with the ACC, the wider church and with their faith. This vision continues to be realised.

Rev Ted Curnow

August 2010


There is little doubt that like it or not our lives are increasingly interwoven with the cyber world. If you are not afraid of a "wake-up call" or what it means to search for God in the cyber world then it is worth tuning into the outline that follows.

Rev Peter Chapman

Keynote speaker ACC NSW AGM - Sutherland Uniting Church - 18/4/09 

Over the next 20 minutes or so, my aim is to give you a brief look into what it is to be a follower of Jesus from within that much-maligned group within society commonly known as Generation X. In particular I want to give you a brief insight into what has been like being a young evangelical growing up, going through the candidature process, and ministering in the Uniting Church. I want to point out a few areas where you might not have previously been aware of the generation gap being a reality within the church, and 
Finally, want to put in my two bobs worth in highlighting the challenges and opportunities we in the UCA will face as we try to raise up a new generation of orthodox believer. 

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